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Tim Perzyk



Editor's Note: Goodbye

After two dozen issues and a year of late nights, you'd think I'd have something profound to say about entertainment. But that's just it--I don't.


Little America

After revelling in the televised melodrama of Olympic curling and ice dancing, my friends and I decided to try a different spin on spring break: Salt Lake City.


Celebrity Deathmatch-in the Flesh

As if Mike Tyson's ear-biting exploits weren't dramatic enough, the Fox television network brings us Celebrity Boxing, Hollywood-style smackdown with a ringful of B-list all stars.


DSG Does Madison Ave.

Today is election day for DSG hopefuls, and after a month-long parade o' politicized whoring, the inevitable barrage of ballot snafus will be welcome closure to Duke's annual production of D.C.


Discovering Lunar New Year

If you think ringing in the new year means downing a bottle of Tosti with a dozen drunken strangers, think again. January 1 isn't the only day for clean slates, resolutions, and new beginnings.


On Tap Dances to a Bigger Beat

Rhythm and boom will stake their claim on Page Auditorium this Sunday, as On Tap, Duke's resident tap-dancing troupe, hosts its annual spring concert in the largest performance space on campus.

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