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  • Andrew Long, Sports Editor
  • Jazper Lu, Managing Editor
  • Amy Guan and Ishani Raha, Senior Editors
  • Alison Korn, Enterprise Advisor
  • Maddy Berger, Editor at Large
  • Abigail Bromberger and Alyssa Ting, Photography Editors
  • Derek Deng, Jules Kourelakos and Anna Rebello, Recess Editors
  • Viktoria Wulff-Andersen, Opinion Editor
  • Jothi Gupta, Holly Keegan and Senou Kounouho, University News Editors
  • Audrey Patterson, Local and National News Editor
  • Andrew Bae, Michelle Brown, Mia Penner, Ishita Vaid and Kerria Weaver, Associate News Editors
  • Rachael Kaplan, Sports Managing Editor
  • Advikaa Anand, Olivia Bokesch, Linda Cao, Jocelyn Chin, Pilar Kelly, Emmie Maceda, Ooha Reddy and Dan Reznichenko, Opinion Managing Editors
  • Katie Tan, Digital Strategy Director
  • Anisha Reddy and Milla Surjadi, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinators
  • Kathryn Thomas, New Reporter Coordinator
  • Chrissy Murray, General Manager