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  • Leah Boyd, Editor
  • Jake Piazza, Sports Editor
  • Nadia Bey, Managing Editor
  • Anna Zolotor, News Editor
  • Preetha Ramachandran, Senior Editor
  • Chris Kuo, Enterprise Editor
  • Maria Morrison and Simran Prakash, Digital Strategy Directors
  • Bella Bann, Fall 2021 Photography Editor
  • Aaron Zhao, Spring 2022 Photography Editor
  • Tessa Delgo, Recess Editor
  • Margot Armbruster, Opinion Editor
  • Ben Wallace and Amiya Mehrotra, Community Editorial Board Chairs
  • Maddy Berger and Milla Surjadi, University News Editors
  • Parker Harris, Local and National News Editor
  • Gautam Sirdeshmukh, Health and Science News Editor
  • Amy Guan, Anisha Reddy, Ayra Charania, Kathryn Thomas, Navya Belavadi and Tri Truong, Associate News Editors
  • Alison Korn and Katie Tan, Features Managing Editors
  • Max Rego, Sports Managing Editor
  • Rebecca Schneid, Sports Photography Editor
  • Anna McFarlane, News Photography Editor
  • Winnie Lu, Features Photography Editor
  • Ooha Reddy, Marina Chen, Naima Turbes and Carrie Wang, Opinion Managing Editors
  • Derek Deng, Recess Managing Editor
  • Ashwin Kulshrestha, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator
  • Matthew Griffin, Recruitment Chair
  • Chrissy Beck, General Manager