Success is overrated

If we zoom out beyond our immediate bubble, we can see that we are privileged to even consider success as something beyond survival.


So now, as I conclude my finals and pack my boxes, I prepare for my own Homecoming in the hopes that three months in Texas will show me just why I sought ...

No better office

I’ll always cherish my time in Cameron when it is empty, when you can hear a ball bounce—or maybe even the keys of a laptop being tapped.

Why I stuck around

I still remember the thrill of seeing my first blog post—no matter how much it had to be edited (most of it)—publicized on Twitter and Facebook.

A labor of love

Duke can be scary and overwhelming at times, and being able to set aside a few hours each week to talk to artists, thinkers and dreamers made me see time ...

Just my luck

I’ll miss heading up to 301 Flowers every week at 10 p.m. only to leave at 1 a.m., the Chapel lit up behind me, glowing its confirmation of a job well ...