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How to hit Wilson everyday

When they are at the gym, the presence of a gym crush is more powerful than the most caffeinated pre-workout and the hypest gym playlist. Suddenly, those last two reps feel like nothing and the heaviest barbell on your back barely registers. The prospect of three sets of planks is less repulsive when you spot a certain somebody nearby. 

No, people aren't good

Using the nebulous language of “good” and “bad” to describe the intrinsic righteousness of human beings is lazy at best and irresponsibly reductive at worst.

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The sixth floor

In fact, I think a lot of medical students feel like the sixth floor: consistently told they’re destined for something great, but currently stuck filling a number of vague roles until they find out what the future holds.


Protein bar identity crisis

Protein bars and other on-the-go “health” items are a lesson in trying to please everybody but actually pleasing nobody. No dessert blogger would feature a protein bar that looks like a bootleg 3-Musketeers; no whole food nut could advocate for eating protein bars too frequently either -- the fiber would warrant WAY too many trips to the bathroom.