Little America

After revelling in the televised melodrama of Olympic curling and ice dancing, my friends and I decided to try a different spin on spring break: Salt Lake City.

We ended up in Little America, WY.

Heading west on I-80, our trusty Winnebago, Peggy, died 150 miles outside Salt Lake City. Luckily, we vaguely remembered the 314 signs for the Little America Travel Resort, a roadside oasis with an auto garage, an all-night diner and a heated pool. That's right: a heated outdoor pool! Can we say parr-tay!? Tempted by the $.79 soft serve promised on billboards since Cheyenne, we forgot about Salt Lake altogether--who needs the city lights when you've got chocolate-vanilla swirl? We booked a room, dumped the waste from our Winnie into Little America's RV pit and made ourselves at home on the range.

9:00 AM Sunday: It's the Lord's day and there's no chaplain at the Little America Travel Resort (What's with this place?!), so we pound on the partition and greet our neighbors in the adjacent room. The Book of John (our favorite) is torn from their complimentary copy of the Gideon Bible, so we skip the gospel and head to the heated pool with our new friends, the Womacks.

2:00 PM Monday: We're back at the heated pool with the Womacks. I'm wearing a North Face fleece and nursing a bottle of Jack. The surface of the pool is a little icy, and Rita Womack tries a double axel from the deck, but she has trouble with the landing.

10:00 PM Thursday: The lounge is pumping with a Garth-Reba megamix. I bum a Lucky from a local named Rose of Sharon--her boyfriend/cousin Darrell isn't pleased. But "Wild Horses" blasts on the PA, and the pair start two-stepping toward the men's room.

11:37 PM Friday: I'm lying naked in the Womacks' bed. So are my friends. So is Rita. The window's open, and we rush there for a view of the parking lot. Howie Womack's behind the wheel of his RV, pulling the still-debilitated Peggy behind him. Rose of Sharon waves from the passenger seat--there's a pack of Luckys on the bedside table.

Best Place to Hook-Up: between the propane containers near the RV dump

Best Bargain: the $6.00 cup of "coffee" in the 24-hour diner

Best Bar: Good Time Charlie's

Only Place to Stay: Little America Travel Resort


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