Editor's Note: Goodbye

After two dozen issues and a year of late nights, you'd think I'd have something profound to say about entertainment. But that's just it--I don't.

In our society, there are media to cover media, and derivative journalists like me too often take themselves too seriously. Is it any wonder? Entertainment Tonight enjoys higher ratings than anything on CNN.

But I'm not here to assault our cultural priorities, and I don't pretend to be a pundit. I've always been a media glutton, and to dress up my pop-culture fetish as anything more than a silly compulsion would undermine the spirit of my obsession. It'd also make me a fool. C'mon, kids--I know you read Recess on the toilet and the treadmill (if you read it all).

In writing about entertainment I like to think I've become a bit of an entertainer myself. I got to think and gripe and postulate in print--who could ask for anything more? But ironically, at the heart of the process is something pretty simple: It's the way we spend our down time--it's our "recess." Thanks for making mine part of yours.


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