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2023-24 Chron15: Pioneers

The pioneers of this year’s Chron15 list trekked through uncharted territories, revolutionizing academic programs, facilitating safe community building and blazing literal and metaphorical trails across our campus.

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2023-24 Chron15: Leaders

The leaders featured on this year’s Chron15 list are coaches, student leaders and faculty who used their power for good as they shaped the University’s future, encouraged student success and worked tirelessly to improve the Duke experience.

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2023-24 Chron15: Icons

Duke’s icons are the people everyone knows for their kindness, passion, talent or intellect. The icons on this year’s Chron15 list are beloved by the University community for spreading joy, knowledge and Blue Devil pride.

20240430 UNC Palestine Michael Austin 6

7 Duke students among those arrested at UNC encampment

The eight Duke affiliates are included in the total count of 36 protesters who were detained, cited and held by UNC Police in Gerrard Hall on UNC’s campus the morning of April 30. Six of 36 were transported at 9 a.m. to the Orange County Courthouse, where they were released on bond with a written promise to appear in court at a later date. The 30 remaining in custody on campus were released on site within hours.