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‘Loki’ was great — until it wasn’t

For a good five hours, I was captivated — between the spectacular worldbuilding and attention-grabbing fight scenes that have come to define Marvel, “Loki” dramatically expanded the scope of its cinematic universe. That was, until the last episode, where the show suddenly fumbled the ball entirely. 

Micheala Lee is best known around Duke for her joyful yet genuine personality. 

‘Keep me uplifted’: Beloved Pitchfork’s cashier Micheala Lee, known for her positivity and joy, not rehired for fall

Micheala Lee, the iconic cashier whose smile you may recognize from behind the Pitchfork's counter, was known by students for her constant joy and positivity. Since finding out that Lee was not rehired for the fall semester, Lee and students both described feelings of devastation. But the last thing Lee wants is for her relationships with students and Duke's campus to come to an end.