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Six ALP classes to help fill your fall 2023 schedule

If you’re like most Duke students, you're either a Trinity student trying to meet those T-Reqs or a Pratt kid looking for a fun way to fill one of the few free spots in your schedule. Or maybe you’re panicked about your current workload and looking for a way to mellow your coursework. Regardless of why you’re reading, here are six carefully curated ALP classes that will provide an enjoyable and interesting learning experience.


Duke Chorale: Family or club?

Duke Chorale is a university-run choir led by professional directors. Ever since its genesis in 1970, the organization has established itself as a respected, talented and welcoming group within Duke's bustling music scene.

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Phones as identities

In response to comments by my family and friends, I like to make jokes about the superiority of Android phones, and I often speak about my love of Android phones to my friends in jest. I sometimes reflect, however, on the weird role that phones play in our lives.


A deep dive into this year's LDOC artists

While the Chronicle’s news team already briefed the LDOC artist announcement, I wanted to dive a little deeper into the artist's backgrounds and music and provide some representative songs students can listen to leading up to the big day. 


Colleen Hoover: Booktok’s most divisive author

YouTube reviews, bluntly titled “i read the 5 most popular colleen hoover books so you never have to” and “i read 3 colleen hoover books and my life has been changed... for the WORST,” beg the question: what makes the work of Colleen Hoover so controversial?