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Top row: Michaela Lee; Jaravee Boonchant. Bottom row: Keith and Nugget; Darcy Bourne; Mark Anthony Neal. Photos taken by/courtesy of Winnie Lu, Jim Daves/Virginia Athletics, Anna McFarlane, Nat LeDonne/Duke Athletics and Mark Anthony Neal, respectively.

2020-21 Chron15: Icons

Duke’s icons are the people everyone knows—for their kindness, passion, talent or intellect. They’re the people who you’ll see surrounded by a crowd of adoring students on the quad or plastered across the television in your living room.

Top row: Ann Saterbak; Nolan Smith; Thomas Denny. Bottom row: Gary Bennett and Mary Pat McMahon; Edgar Virgüez. Photos taken by/courtesy of Ann Saterbak, Henry Haggart, Wikimedia Commons, Gary Bennett and Mary Pat McMahon and Edgar Virgüez, respectively.

2020-21 Chron15: Leaders

The leaders featured on this year’s Chron15 list are educators, administrators and coaches who used their power for good as they kept the community together during the pandemic, encouraged others to speak up and worked tirelessly to improve educational policies and outcomes. 

Top row: Duke Mutual Aid logo; Duke Graduate Students Union at a May 2 rally. Bottom row: Marion Quirici; James Mbuthia; Scott ("Esko") Brummel. Photos taken by/courtesy of Duke Mutual Aid, Simran Prakash, Phil Fonville, Lydia Sellers and Scott Brummel, respectively.

2020-21 Chron15: Pioneers

Duke’s pioneers are the people and organizations who push the University forward, relentlessly reimagining every aspect of our community with boundless energy and passion. They question the status quo and refuse to accept anything that is unjust or unsatisfactory. 

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Chronicle Postgame: Miami 80, Duke 69

The Blue Devils could not contain the Hurricane backcourt of Angel Rodriguez and Sheldon McClellan, who combined for 34 points and 14 assists as Miami made its last eight shots. With the loss, Duke is likely to fall out of the AP top 25 next week for the first time since 2007.

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