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Two moments of mindfulness: Our experience with the Duke Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is one of the best, but most underutilized, resources on Duke’s campus. As two first-year students during our first of many busy midterm seasons, we felt it was the perfect time to relieve our academic stress with one of the Wellness Center’s best offerings – their Moments of Mindfulness classes – while sharing our experiences with Recess readers.


Peripheries and parallels: A conversation with 2018 Goncourt Prize Laureate Nicolas Mathieu

On Sept. 13, the Duke Department of Romance Studies hosted Nicolas Mathieu, winner of the 2018 Prix Goncourt (Goncourt Prize) for his novel “And Their Children After Them” (“Leurs Enfants Après Eux”), for a round-table conversation. The Prix Goncourt, often considered the French equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize, includes such past winners as Marcel Proust, Simone de Beauvoir and Marguerite Duras. 


Six ALP classes to help fill your fall 2023 schedule

If you’re like most Duke students, you're either a Trinity student trying to meet those T-Reqs or a Pratt kid looking for a fun way to fill one of the few free spots in your schedule. Or maybe you’re panicked about your current workload and looking for a way to mellow your coursework. Regardless of why you’re reading, here are six carefully curated ALP classes that will provide an enjoyable and interesting learning experience.


Duke Chorale: Family or club?

Duke Chorale is a university-run choir led by professional directors. Ever since its genesis in 1970, the organization has established itself as a respected, talented and welcoming group within Duke's bustling music scene.