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Project Vox highlights work of women philosophers

For students, it’s often easy to take what professors say as absolute truth—but even they can’t know everything, especially when it comes to female philosophy. Project Vox is working to fill a void in philosophy’s canonical narrative by providing learning materials about female figures in philosophy and creating a website where the public can learn about the women and their philosophies.


Recess Interviews: Journalist Gustavo Gorriti

Irony is one of those elements that invigorates the intellectual function of a story if it is well applied. It makes storytelling sharper and clearer. It also creates tension in the story and helps the reader to follow and understand the narrative easily.


New York playwright brings Pussy Riot to Duke actors

Barbara Hammond, a playwright in residence at New Dramatists in New York, has been visiting Duke for two weeks to work with students in Jody McAuliffe’s advanced acting class and stage her work in progress, “We Are Pussy Riot.” The play is inspired by the Russian punk band Pussy Riot, who have used performance art to protest and defy the regime of President Vladmir Putin.