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From "Why Duke?" to "Why, Duke?"

In my two years here, I’ve been lucky to watch more Chapel sunsets than I can count—and there’s no better vantage point than an open window in The Chronicle’s offices in 301 Flowers. If there’s a breeze, I’ll lean out the window and just watch, trying to take in the tower of Hillsborough bluestone with the same fresh eyes as the rising high school senior whose breath it took away.


Something to tell you

I have a large, soft face and tend to dress like a retired social worker. Sometimes I speak too quietly for people to understand what I’m saying. This is likely part of the reason why, walking to class, sitting in the library and especially at parties, people who need to unspool tend to find me. I used to play a game with myself where I would keep track of how long someone would speak without leaving space for me to respond, letting their words envelop me totally. I call this the Duke student monologue.


2017 DSG endorsement policy

The Chronicle will be publishing endorsement letters for the 2017 Duke Student Government elections from Monday, Feb. 27 to Monday, March 6. The positions of president and executive vice president are available for endorsement. No endorsements will be published Tuesday, March 7 or Wednesday, March 8, the days of the election. The final deadline for endorsements will be 11:59 p.m. Sunday, March 5.