Chronicle leadership: We stand with Black students

The Chronicle’s leadership stands with Black students. We are committed to racial justice on Duke’s campus and for its students. We will stand firmly behind Black students and their allies as they grieve the death of George Floyd, and as they protest systemic racism and police brutality.

Today, in light of the protests around the world, and despite our past failures to do so, we are reaffirming our commitment to uplifting Black voices. We will use our platform as student journalists to bring injustices to light and elevate Black voices within and beyond The Chronicle, as well as the voices of allies of the Black community. 

The Chronicle’s news department is committed to amplifying Black voices and experiences in our news coverage. We will give a platform to experiences and stories related to systemic racism, whether concerning the current protests or Black life at Duke. 

The Chronicle’s opinion department welcomes guest letters and columns from those who would like to share their personal experiences. For content related to the current protests, including reactions, open letters and stories of Black life, we are lifting our requirement that submissions be directly related to Duke.

Across all departments, we are committed to sharing these experiences in full, and to centering Black students’ voices.

Our community editorial board has published a call to action with a list of ways to challenge entrenched bias and systemic racism. The Black Student Alliance’s statement includes a list of next steps, educational resources, petitions and places to donate.

This statement would be incomplete without the acknowledgement that The Chronicle has at times failed in this mission of racial justice. We recognize that the trust of the Black community at Duke is not to be taken for granted, and that we must earn it. We can and must do better.

Moving forward, The Chronicle will undertake a long-term and sustained effort to ensure that it is a platform where Black voices are heard and Black students are seen. This means increased efforts to create an inclusive environment within our organization so that Black staff members feel welcome and comfortable taking on leadership roles. This means talking to Black leaders and students on campus to learn which stories matter to them. This means acknowledging that our staff should look more like the community we seek to cover. We commit, today and always, to using our platform not to speak for Black voices but instead to uplift them.

We are committed to fair and impartial journalism, but we cannot address anti-Blackness with the superficiality and false objectivity that often diminishes the intention of allies—and characterizes the silencing of Black journalists. It is our responsibility as a news organization to represent the campus we live on and the community we serve. Black lives matter. Black students matter. Black stories matter, and The Chronicle is committed to sharing those stories. 


Matthew Griffin, Editor

Evan Kolin, Sports Editor

Maria Morrison, Managing Editor

Carter Forinash, News Editor

Mona Tong, Assistant News Editor

Rose Wong, Senior Editor

Jake Satisky, Digital Strategy Director and Volume 115 Editor

Simran Prakash, Photography Editor

Sarah Derris, Recess Editor

Mihir Bellamkonda, Opinion Editor

Shannon Fang, Equity and Outreach Coordinator


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