Milla Surjadi

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator

Milla Surjadi is a Trinity junior and a diversity, equity and inclusion coordinator of The Chronicle's 119th volume. She was previously editor-in-chief for Volume 118.


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Standing still

So perhaps the measure of our devotion — to a piece of writing, to an institution, to an industry — is our belief in its potential. When you stand still and look around, what do you see in the negative space? 

Center for Documentary Studies

Duke launches review into Center for Documentary Studies after 20 months of resignations, layoffs and program cuts

Over the last year and a half, most of the work at the Center for Documentary Studies, a nonprofit affiliate of Duke that is nationally renowned, has come to a halt. Now the future of the center remains uncertain as Duke administrators consider, among other things, what the “appropriate relationship” should be between the University and the center moving forward. 

Commencement 19

Duke student Commencement speaker to give ‘brief welcome remarks’ instead of full-length speech starting this year

These changes come nearly a year after The Chronicle reported that the language of the 2022 student Commencement speech, given by Priya Parkash, Trinity ’22, bore striking resemblance to a 2014 Harvard Commencement address. The email, however, did not clarify whether these changes were made in response to last year's speech. 

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Drew Flanagan, chair of the Student Organization Finance Committee, spoke about SOFC's efforts to support student groups at the Feb. 10 meeting of the DSG Senate.

The DSG Senate heard updates on student group funding at its Sept. 30 meeting.

The DSG Senate heard updates on student group funding at its Sept. 30 meeting.

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