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Interview: Leslie Jamison

"It was always my hope that the questions the book raises would feel useful to people as they resonated in the particular corners of their lives, or their disciplines––but part of the book is also...

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Interview: Retta Sirleaf

Recess attends lunch with Parks and Recreation star and Duke alumna.

Duke to host premiere performance of modern dance and jazz

"It’s an abstraction that I find inviting. It’s abstract because there’s an opportunity for the audience to interpret it in different ways."

Student director tackles Hamlet with a little help from Wittgenstein

In his production 'Wittgenstein's Hamlet,' Myers gives Shakespeare's Hamlet a philosophical revamp.

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Danielle Burch's omnibus arrives at the Louise Jones Brown Gallery

Burch's Synthesis: The Audio-Visual Connection relates raw ardor, insecurity and hope, all through the lens of one who has grown up with a hearing disability.

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Actress and activist Laverne Cox to visit Duke

By focusing on a person's anatomy, the humanity of an individual and the uniqueness of his or her story is often lost.

Monuts Donuts Reopens On Ninth Street

An interview with the mastermind behind Durham's most popular donut franchise.

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Moving through Miró

The movements we take in trying to make sense of art are largely universal.

"No Place Like" by Stacy Lynn Waddell

Latest Nasher exhibit features local artists

Area 919 includes work from artists already recognized in today’s art world, as well as those newer to the scene.

From the World to Lynn: Stories of Immigration

“You’re there, and you’re empathetic, of course,” she continued. “But there’s just no way you will ever understand some of the pain that some of these stories carry.”

Community-sponsored Intrepid Life begins again in new location

Intrepid Life, as its name suggests, is not going away any time soon.

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Annual dance program to showcase student and faculty choreography

"We are passionate and have a lot to say and share with those willing to listen.”

Students perform play on Asian and Asian-American identity

Ching Chong Chinaman–normally a racist slur–forces the audience to consider the social construction of identity and prejudice.

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Brazilian dance troupe to perform at Reynolds

The company, made up of eight young dancers from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, brings its performers’ Afro-Brazilian identities to an international stage.

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DEMAN weekend to bring alumni and students together

The weekend connects current undergraduates and recent graduates to alumni established in the entertainment and arts industry.

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Award-winning photographer featured at CDS

The exhibit "City Under One Roof" captures the sentiment that human lives and their stories are intertwined within their surrounding space.

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Afro-Cuban jazz legend to perform at Baldwin

“It’s too bad Baldwin doesn’t have a dance floor anymore. They’ll have to use the aisles.”

Hoof 'n' Horn presents Urinetown

Urinetown tackles questions of the condition of society through both laugh-out-loud comedy and subtler, ironic commentary.

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Duke professor and puppeteer presents final production at Manbites Dog

If My Feet Have Lost the Ground invokes puppetry to elaborately portray the complexities of the human experience.

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Exhibit gives voice to survivors of sexual violence

“The hardest words I ever said were, I need to talk to someone about an assault.”

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Interview: Hannibal Buress

"Get it together and come to my show, because it’s an hour that will save your life. Put that in the paper."

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A night with Bo Burnam from my perspective

Burnham satirizes societal taboos like race, sex, gender and religion with his comedic videos, songs and stand-up tours.

Special to The Chronicle / Racquel McMullins

Domestic abuse explored in one-acts at Common Ground

A local family’s performance art company is tackling the issue of domestic violence through theater.

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Girls Rock NC celebrates 10 year anniversary

Humphrey Bogart in The Maltese Falcon

NCMA Presents Film Noir Retrospective

The North Carolina Museum of Art is currently hosting “Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know,” a weekly film series dedicated to highlighting seminal movies in the film noir genre.