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Tsundoku, Gatsby, Marshmallows, Me

I wonder if I have problems prioritizing as I balance on scales, watch my weight drop, know it’s the cost of saving each HEERF fund, stimulus check, meal stipend, the cost of piling books on my windowsill instead.

For a better Duke

Sure, we love Duke Athletics and we love when Duke moves up a place in some arbitrary ranking system and we love when our researchers make new discoveries, but holding the University accountable is a form of love, too.

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I love Duke

It’s okay that I don’t know what’s happening next, because that means I can finally write this next chapter myself. And if there’s one thing writing for The Chronicle has taught me: it’s writing.  


It's okay not to be okay

The most difficult part of being a Duke student for me isn’t the classic case of being afflicted with imposter syndrome—I have enough confidence in my abilities to know that I deserve to be here. Rather, it is the frustration of not being able to fully leverage the plethora of resources at my disposal, of being hamstrung from reaching my full potential by something as “trivial” as anxiety.