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The responsibility asked of preprofessionals

The responsibility of choosing a career path that takes into account the damages caused by it is placed firmly on the shoulders of the individual. Each person has the greatest control over their own decisions, not the system they are forced to make them in.

The way we talk about sexual violence is violent

When we limit the focus of our strategies to reporting, we implicitly blame not only one singular person, but all people who experienced sexual assault and did not report it, for the violence that dwells on our campus. That blame is, on its own, a violence.

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You mind if I get a hit?

The even scarier fact of the matter is just how out of touch older people are, particularly when it comes to handling the crisis. I think kids might have trouble taking their demands about health seriously when their generation is confident that fruit medley is a bigger concern to safety than AR-15’s, but I digress.