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Leverage in the health care system

If I feel this alienated by the medical system, who else feels that way? What if I spoke limited English and was trying to get help? What if I had no entrance the system other than urgent care? What if I didn’t have a car to get to the doctor’s office, and what if I couldn’t pay my copays? What if I didn’t have insurance? I realized that my panicked feeling of helplessness when I had finally exhausted my options might not be a transient feeling for others.

Venezuela's socialist mess

Socialism is hypocritical in nature: its professed humanitarian aims can only be implemented by using brutal force. Furthermore, a government like Venezuela ...

Milky pink

I sat for a long while. My head was tilted back, skyward. All I could see was milky pink. 

The war on journalism

There must be a steadfast commitment to supporting the hard-hitting journalism that seeks to uncover the truth, question authority and demand answers. ...

More than a numbers game

Instead of merely congratulating ourselves on growing our endowment at similar rates to peer institutions, we as a university should aim to make physical, ...