Sophomore Matt Jones came up huge when his team needed a lift offensively Sunday, propelling the Blue Devils to their 12th Final Four.
From liability to indispensable—Mr. Matt Jones

After lurking in the shadows nearly all season, the ever-humble Matt Jones made his presence felt on Sunday, propelling Duke to the Final Four.


Failures to question

It is my firm belief that we, as a collective student community, have the capacity and power to create widespread institutional change.

Keeping pace, keeping peace

Everyone around me—or at least it feels like everyone—is stressed, rushing between temples of productivity.

The noble art of politics

I’ve always had a soft spot for Richard Nixon.


Special to The Chronicle / Michael Gross
Duke Performance presents Kannapolis: A Moving Portrait

Today, his works are a sort of time capsule, allowing viewers to partially experience what life was like back then.

Music Review: Blade of the Ronin

While Blade of the Ronin is disappointing in many aspects, it still overall is an entertaining and worthwhile listen.

TV Review: House of Cards, Season 3

Unfortunately, this season of House of Cards did not live up to my highly ambitious expectations.


The academic building (pictured above) is one of the two buildings complete at DKU.
‘It’s just not done’: Could an unfinished DKU one day be great?

A student reporter's account of her time at Duke Kunshan University and what she liked and didn't like.

When West Ran Dry

A change in housing model and differing enforcement of administrative policies has forced a social exodus off of West Campus during the past four years.

'A second best decision'

Why adhan was moved from the Duke Chapel