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The environment impacts us all

In the news media we read about the economy, politics, and nowadays, a lot about COVID-19. On social media, we talk about protesting, voting and supporting one another. What we are not discussing enough is environmental issues.

The view from China: DKU reacts to the 2020 election

On the morning of Nov. 4 in China, laptop screens on the Duke Kunshan campus glowed with the red-and-blue Electoral College map for the U.S. election. WeChat Moments—China’s equivalent of a Facebook feed—showed screenshots, words of encouragement and amateur commentary on the state of the race. 

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Students from Duke Kunshan University. Photo taken by Ray Zhu, a DKU student.

Scattered to the wind

With the students of Duke and Duke Kunshan scattered the world over, there has also arisen the opportunity to find commonalities in unsuspecting places—from waking up at ungodly hours for Zoom discussion groups to gripes about the inconveniences of online assignments, shared experiences do help in creating an almost communal resilience against letting these circumstances affect us.

A hall at Duke Kunshan University.

To stay or not to stay

In recent days, the Duke Kunshan University Campus has been unusually quiet. You still see the odd person walking about, but they tend to silently hide their face behind a school-distributed N-95 mask.