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2016 Athletics : Opening Night of The Training Table

Smoothies, apps and buffets

During the 2014-15 season, Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski coined the phrase “Eight is enough” to describe the Blue Devils’ championship run driven by eight players in the team’s rotation. But eight was not nearly enough to count the number of post-practice recovery smoothies the team consumed on a regular basis.

Kelli Ward, Trinity '91, worked as an osteopathic physician before deciding to run for State Senate in 2012.

Duke grad Kelli Ward seeks to oust John McCain

A 1991 Trinity graduate, Kelli Ward is giving incumbent Senator John McCain of Arizona a run for his money in the Arizona republican primary for United States Senate. Ward, a osteopathic physician and former Arizona state senator, graduated in the 1991 with a degree in Psychology.



Many people think that existentialism doesn’t accord meaning to anything. This isn’t quite true.


Letter from the Editors: April

Dear readers: The idea of April as the cruelest month has always been difficult for us to grasp (even after spending weeks analyzing “The Wasteland” in a literature seminar sophomore year, as Emma did). Yes, the rebirth and joy of spring can make the emptiness of winter more pronounced—but with such a glorious season to enjoy in the present, why bother to dwell on the season that just passed? But now, as seniors, we get it.


Be kind, rewind

On a cold Tuesday afternoon, Avid Video is empty. But it doesn’t truly feel deserted; an adventurous customer who might wander in from Ninth Street would immediately be surrounded by faces.


Art, interrupted

It is easy to forget just how young the Nasher Museum of Art is. The modernist building is as much a campus landmark as anything, and the breadth of the collections would seem to indicate decades of curating and compiling.


Race at Duke: a conversation

After a year that produced more than its fair share of hate-based scandals both on and off Duke’s campus, tensions between minority groups and the University have been slowly building, though no direct action has been taken against any administrator’s as was the case at the University of Missouri in past weeks.


Talkin' tacos

CHUBBY’S Note: Chubby’s Tacos has changed its name to Guacamaya Fresh Mex, but as it is Chubby’s and not Guacamaya that the author fell in love with, he will be referring to it as Chubby’s for the duration of this article.


Letter from the editors

During a time of year in which we students tend to be more concerned with simply surviving until Winter Break and passing our classes, we decided it’s about time to get into the holiday spirit and start thinking about the things that make us smile.