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Frances Beroset


Some students at Duke who are frustrated with the on-campus dating scene might use online dating service, like Grindr.

Dear Frances: How do I use dating apps?

Dear Frances, I haven't really dated seriously before, and have found that school and friends have taken up most of my undergraduate experience. I want to get some dating experience before I graduate, or maybe even meet someone really special. This week, I finally downloaded a dating app but I don't actually know how to use it. Help?


Need advice? Same!

Over the past century, The Chronicle traditionally welcomes first-years (historically known as freshmen) to campus with a short editor’s note dispensing advice. It goes something like this: don’t forget that learning occurs inside and outside the classroom. Don’t overcommit yourself, but definitely do something. Thank your FAC because they don’t get paid. Try to be social but don’t try too hard. Give your roommate a chance, even if they’re different from you. Ask questions if you need help. Welcome to a new chapter in your life.


Something to tell you

I have a large, soft face and tend to dress like a retired social worker. Sometimes I speak too quietly for people to understand what I’m saying. This is likely part of the reason why, walking to class, sitting in the library and especially at parties, people who need to unspool tend to find me. I used to play a game with myself where I would keep track of how long someone would speak without leaving space for me to respond, letting their words envelop me totally. I call this the Duke student monologue.

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An explosion near Brightleaf Square Wednesday morning left eight Duke employees injured.

An explosion near Brightleaf Square Wednesday morning left eight Duke employees injured.

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