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Prospective freshmen walk around the Engineering Quad while on a campus tour Thursday for Blue Devil Days.

An open letter to the Class of 2023

The other day, I finished giving a campus tour and stood around on Abele Quad to answer any last remaining questions that the visitors had. One mother came up to me and said, “So you’re graduating soon—”


The long road to 2020

Amidst this digital beauty patient that has become the race to be Ms. Democratic Candidate 2020, we should look beyond the metaphorical bathing suits and hackneyed “world peace!” responses among the many generic candidates in a crowded field.


On DSG and laptops

Yet, with this new laptop ban in place, DSG as an institutional body (hopefully) can concentrate more on pressing issues at hand instead of scrolling through the memes page in the middle of SOFC budgeting. 


The case for RA unionization

Not only do the Resident Assistants fired for tenting deserve to be reinstated, RA’s deserve a union and the collective security to make sure they can continue to serve the Duke community to the best of their abilities. 

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


It has come to my attention that there are those who regard the titling scheme I follow for many of my columns as “clickbait.” 


New Zealand and the moral imperative to defeat white supremacy

The reality is that white supremacists aren’t as far removed as we’d like to believe.  The individuals that attended that mosque were stripped of their futures and ripped from their families; these tragedies will continue to happen unless we confront the ideological roots wherever they are.Thoughts and prayers are no longer enough. We have the right to feel grief and heartbreak, but we also have a moral obligation to defeat white supremacy.