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Surviving Duke one relationship at a time

I’ve recently been the unwilling participant in a (not-so) mysterious game against myself. The game, which has lasted a few weeks now, is simple: at every moment I am equally as likely to sob as I am to emit a (loud) cross between a chuckle and a cackle.


An open letter to the Class of 2023

The other day, I finished giving a campus tour and stood around on Abele Quad to answer any last remaining questions that the visitors had. One mother came up to me and said, “So you’re graduating soon—”

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


It has come to my attention that there are those who regard the titling scheme I follow for many of my columns as “clickbait.” 


Every breath you take

In the fall of my junior year, I found my legs dangling from the exam table of a doctor’s office explaining symptoms of nausea that wouldn’t go away.