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How you can act on climate change, today!

In recent years, the conversation around climate change has progressed substantially. At first, climate denial was the primary justification for those who resisted action. Then, the focus moved to questioning the extent to which humans are the cause. As the Global Climate Strike has made clear, the crisis of climate change demands action.

Devil’s Krafthouse, the first vendor of the renovated West Union, opened at the end of February on the first floor of West Union.

A call for community

We have just completed the annual ritual of rush. Hundreds of students spent hours on end meeting with members of fraternities, sororities, and non-Greek selective living groups (SLGs) with the hope of being accepted to a tight-knit social communities.

Rick Johnson noted that the fire alarms in West Union have gone off between 15 and 20 times this semester. 

Fight intolerance by embracing diversity

“How’s everything been at Duke?” While studying abroad last semester, I expected to hear from my friends on campus about late nights at Perkins, struggles with recruitment, cheering at Cameron, and hilarious memories from the weekends.

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