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the academy matters

Tim Kowalczyk is a Trinity sophomore. His column, "the academy matters," runs on alternate Thursdays.



Why are the woke folk sleeping right now?

I am reminded of this line Marley roars at Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol because a few days ago I received some very bad advice. Who wants to hear a student’s views on anything outside the Duke Bubble, someone insisted, when the Duke Bubble is the only thing students really know?


Don't like your privilege? Donate it

“And the people in the houses/ All went to the university/ Where they were put in boxes/ And they came out all the same/ And there’s doctors and lawyers/ And business executives/ And they’re all made out of ticky-tacky/ And they all look just the same.” 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina will provide insurance plans to over 230,000 clients of the 470,000 North Carolinians who have had plans dropped.

The Duke Difference: Saving their money before your life

The theologian Augustine observed that his teachers, “being beaten in some trifling question by another teacher, would seethe with more bile and envy” than the most rambunctious child. Those in positions of stewardship are often more puerile and irrational as those whose best interests they pretend to steward.

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