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Priya Amaresh, Duke’s new Hindu chaplain, is excited to continue developing her passion for spiritual education in a new community. Photo courtesy of Priya Amaresh.

‘A place that feels peaceful and inviting’: Meet Priya Amaresh, Duke’s new Hindu chaplain

“We’re being educated all our lives, whether it’s from a sage or whether it’s from a child,” Amaresh said. “I would love to educate, to share the knowledge [with] non-Hindu students or faculty, or anybody who’s interested. It’s a great learning experience for all of us to step into another community and see how they practice and what their beliefs are.”

“Gentrification is real in this city, and we just want to make sure that we’re sensitive to those homeowners who have been here for a really long time,” said Janeen Gordon, assistant director for Durham County aging & adult services.

‘Gentrification is real in this city’: New program offers tax relief to Durham homeowners as property values rise

Property values have been rising in Durham in recent years, attracting wealthier people to the area and raising property taxes. The median sale price for homes sold in Durham increased by over 50% between mid-2010 and October 2019. This process of gentrification results in the displacement of lower-income residents and is phasing out the legacy Black neighborhoods which have been in Durham for many years.