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Roll with the punches’: DKU students spending semester in NC adapt to life at Duke, Marine Lab

In a July 7 email to DKU undergraduates, DKU Dean of Students Raphael Moffett and DKU Dean of Undergraduate Studies Marica France announced that Kunshan students “who are both able to get to Duke’s campus by the start of the fall semester” and “whose visa status will allow them to take credit-bearing courses in the US” could study at Duke this fall.

Students in Hollows Quad have put up window signs during the pandemic, but Duke has rules in place regarding what students can display in their windows.

'It’s just a word': Students criticize 'censorship' of dorm window signs

The students living in Hollows Quad are no strangers to looking outside and noticing passersby taking photos of their dorm room windows—but they can’t put whatever they want there. Hollows A Residence Coordinator Briana Enty told residents in a Sept. 28 email obtained by The Chronicle that although there have not been any issues so far with the windows, there is an expectation that “all signs or flags posted in windows should be approved by the RC before posting.”