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Reconnect with Duke news after fall break with September’s top stories

Hello, fall (and midterms)! The Class of 2020 returned to Duke’s campus for their graduation, as did commencement speaker Ken Jeong. Following a COVID-19 case surge, Duke updated campus guidelines yet again. In sports, former Duke men’s basketball star JJ Reddick announced his retirement, eliciting congratulations from all around the sports world.

As we move into October and the middle of the semester, read the top stories from The Chronicle’s September content. 

1. ‘This isn’t March 2020 anymore’: Parents express frustration with Duke’s new COVID-19 guidelines

Moving into the third academic year impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, parents of Duke students are expressing increasing frustrations at the guidelines on campus. Citing the lack of ability to socialize and have a full college experience, some parents are even considering pulling their children from the University. Read their opinions here.

2. Duke professor’s study finds metabolism does not slow with age, instead 'four distinct metabolic phases in life'

What do late-night television and Duke research have in common? A recent study on metabolism was featured in Stephen Colbert’s show, demonstrating how interesting the 

study was and why our readers were drawn to it. The research can influence future drug prescriptions and health changes. See where you fit into this newly-discovered four-stage metabolic cycle. 

3. Duke, COVID agree to 1 year, 3-million-dollar extension

Feel like the COVID-19 pandemic is dragging on, and maybe winning? So does our satire columnist, Monday Monday. In a mock review, Monday Monday jokes about COVID’s handling on campus and how it is being received. It certainly made our readers laugh!

4. Duke falls 3 places in Forbes' 2021 top colleges ranking, Berkeley tops list

Duke fell to the No. 12 spot on Forbes’ college ranking list, a fall from ninth, where it was last year. Forbes adopted a new methodology for the rankings this year, too. Read about Duke’s place among other universities and why it got knocked out of their top 10.

5. Duke's QuadEx residential housing system to include automated quad linking starting with Class of 2025

Housing on Duke’s campus is being revised. Under the new QuadEx residential housing plan, first-year students will be linked from their East Campus dorms to upperclassmen housing. The automated linking system, which is a large departure from Duke’s current plan, is intended to continue the academic living and learning experience. There are already possible pairings of the dorms, and The Chronicle outlined the four-year timeline of how the residential transition will play out on campus.

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