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Yoni Riemer



Book Review: 300

300, the graphic novel and inspiration for the new movie by the same name, is a vividly illustrated tale of Sparta's last stand against the armies of Xerxes in 480 B.C. The account of Leonidas and...


Out & About

Popular video sharing site YouTube has signed a deal with Warner Music Group to distribute music videos on the web. WMG will now share ad revenue with YouTube from videos that display its content....


Film Review: Trust the Man

Delightfully entertaining, Trust the Man is a romantic comedy that follows two relationships as they face the inordinate drama that comes with infidelity and separation in the unforgiving world of...


Heal the world

There are lots of problems on earth today that we just can’t seem to figure out solutions for (like the flu or the rubiks cube).


You're such a 4.0

I bought a lamp at this thrift store in Durham. Because of its lack of luster, I took to it a bottle of Windex and some napkins I stole from The Loop. BAM! Genie time! I’m not kidding.

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