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Jordan Diamond



To beat a dead horse

I was sitting in lecture the other day. Planning the route I would take on my run after class, I caught just a few words of my professor's lesson. As he repeated his conclusion, my professor muttered “not to beat a dead horse, but…” And that’s when I began to ponder: why, exactly, does our parlance stigmatize the beating of dead horses? What’s so wrong with that?

The number of total tents is still expected to be capped at 100 at this time to allow for students to get in to the North Carolina game via the walk-up line. 

Without walk-up line, how will we feel the rush of anarchy?

A recent Chronicle article outlined the line monitors’ plan to “kill” the walk-up line for the UNC game. I agree that Duke isn’t perfect, but the mob power demonstrated in the 2018 UNC game walk-up line was surely the closest thing to an idyllic culture on our campus in recent memory. Without walk-up line, after all, how will Duke students feel the rush of anarchy?

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