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The election is one days ago. Everyone needs to go vote.

I’m just as annoyed by all the election reminders as everyone else. But the time is running short—so enough standing grand with your horses that got high. The election is just. One. Days. Ago. We need to get out and vote in the most important election of our lifetime since the one four years ago and until the one in four more years away.

Let me start off by saying that I think that voting is our most important part of our country. We are a democracy, which means that we vote in this country and then always get upset at how our government works and how it is deeply unresponsive to the needs of its people. But the only way to fix that is by going and voting in elections like the one that is one days ago.

That’s because voting is how we make ourselves heard as Americans, at least for people without columns who only make their voices heard as Americans by voting. People with columns make their voices heard as Americans by voting and also by writing important columns, where they say important things for people to hear, such as “vote for Trump!” or “vote for Biden!” or even “the election is one days ago, and it’s important this time!”

And I’ll say it—this is the most important election one days ago since the one that was four years ago and the one that is four years ago forwards in the future. Four years ago (in the past), the election was very important because it was a “Clinton” fighting against a “Trump,” and the first one lost because not enough people voted for them, even though more people actually voted for them than the other one. Now “Trump” (who is orange) is the election winner, so it’s more important than ever to vote in the election one days ago. In four years ago (in the future) this will be even more important, and some political scientists say it will be the most important election in history until the one in four years after that (in the very much future). But for now the one yesterday is most important (so far).

Frankly, it takes a lot of privilege to think you can sit out of the election that is one days ago. Think about all the people who waited in lines all day one days ago when the election was today days away, and now you want to sit out the election that is one days ago. They waited all days away, voting for their “Biden” or their “Trump,” and now the lines are cleared and you can’t be bothered to take five minutes to vote one days ago. So tell your “high horses” to sober up, and then ride them to the polls yesterday, and now my shaming has made you vote before today.

But there are some people that aren’t privileged, and instead are not voting one days ago because they forgot to or don’t know who to vote for or don’t believe that voting works for them. We must treat these people as infants (who can vote), because they are so scared of voting. To these people I say, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter who you vote for one days ago. And to those that may think, “what difference will this have on my life?” Well, one day you may look back and say “what difference did this have on my life?” And so it’s important that you vote.

I don’t even care who you vote for. Really! It’s just important that you vote for the candidate that you will believe in one days ago—the one that has fought for you for the next four years. If you need help deciding who to vote for, look at the results of yesterday. Whoever got more votes is probably who you should go vote for in that election, because more of Americans decided to vote for that person.

You may say, “how do I vote?” This is a great question. To vote in the election that is one days ago, you need to mail in a ballot or go and vote in person (early or day of) before the polls close yesterday. It’s not that hard, except for when most of the polling locations in your county are shut down and then it takes many hours to do so because voting officials intentionally made voting very hard, but you have to go do it anyway because it’s so important.

I hope I have convinced you to vote, because it’s so important and it's the only way to be heard as Americans before doing complaining. And it’s so easy, unless it’s really hard. But remember, the election is one days ago. So go now, go to the polls on your horses and vote. Vote for yesterday’s tomorrow, today.

Jordan Diamond is a Trinity senior. His column, “diamond in the rough,” runs on alternate Wednesdays. 


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