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Is there an 'I' in 'we'?

One of the best things Duke has to offer is the sense of community. Whether it is your freshman house GroupMe or the people cheering around in Cameron, we all seem to unite together under our pride of being Blue Devils.

Students will have the chance to vote early in the state's primary election March 3 to March 12 at the Freeman Center.

The luxury of being disengaged

Earlier this week I attempted to re-watch the music video for Shallow from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s masterpiece “A Star is Born” for the 76th time, but was interrupted by a ten-second clip of an elderly white woman asking me to vote for “Marsy’s Law.” 


‘Tis the season to be spooky

The leaves are changing and the first note of autumn plays melancholy in the crisp air. Jack-o-Lanterns line the quad as campus squirrels fight amongst themselves to devour this tasty orange treat. Halloween draws ever closer, bringing with it the ghoulish costume contests and spooky themed parties that define October’s character. 

The number of total tents is still expected to be capped at 100 at this time to allow for students to get in to the North Carolina game via the walk-up line. 

Without walk-up line, how will we feel the rush of anarchy?

A recent Chronicle article outlined the line monitors’ plan to “kill” the walk-up line for the UNC game. I agree that Duke isn’t perfect, but the mob power demonstrated in the 2018 UNC game walk-up line was surely the closest thing to an idyllic culture on our campus in recent memory. Without walk-up line, after all, how will Duke students feel the rush of anarchy?

Some students at Duke who are frustrated with the on-campus dating scene might use online dating service, like Grindr.

Dear Frances: How do I use dating apps?

Dear Frances, I haven't really dated seriously before, and have found that school and friends have taken up most of my undergraduate experience. I want to get some dating experience before I graduate, or maybe even meet someone really special. This week, I finally downloaded a dating app but I don't actually know how to use it. Help?

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina will provide insurance plans to over 230,000 clients of the 470,000 North Carolinians who have had plans dropped.

The Duke Difference: Saving their money before your life

The theologian Augustine observed that his teachers, “being beaten in some trifling question by another teacher, would seethe with more bile and envy” than the most rambunctious child. Those in positions of stewardship are often more puerile and irrational as those whose best interests they pretend to steward.

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Have you eaten yet?

“Have you eaten yet?” It’s a common greeting among the older Chinese generation from times when food was not so abundant, as a way to both say hello and ask, “how are you?”