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Carley Lerner


Shooters, despite its many faults, tends to unite students who belong to different social groups. 

The Thousand Oaks shooting could have been us

Imagine a typical Wednesday night at Duke. As students filter out of classes and pack up to leave the library, they scroll through their phones—texting friends and catching up on missed GroupMe messages—to coordinate their plans for the night ahead.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

To study or to socialize

I’m having one of those weeks. Four midterms, classes as usual, club meetings, this column to write and the pressures of finding a summer internship looming annoyingly in the backdrop of all my thoughts. 


Book-bagging blues

Sometimes life, in all its unpredictability, gets in the way, and we can’t transform our expectations into reality; sometimes we are forced to drop the reigns of control.


Enough is enough

Rather than submitting to fear—accepting the nervous sweat that creeps down ducked heads as students in every state frequently huddle under desks and practice hiding from shooters—we must enact change.


Timing is everything

In these moments—when the waves of stress beat against our minds and threaten to pull us to sea—it’s helpful to remember that life is random; opportunities often arise by coincidence and are missed by pure chance.

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