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Students in Hollows Quad have put up window signs during the pandemic, but Duke has rules in place regarding what students can display in their windows.

'It’s just a word': Students criticize 'censorship' of dorm window signs

The students living in Hollows Quad are no strangers to looking outside and noticing passersby taking photos of their dorm room windows—but they can’t put whatever they want there. Hollows A Residence Coordinator Briana Enty told residents in a Sept. 28 email obtained by The Chronicle that although there have not been any issues so far with the windows, there is an expectation that “all signs or flags posted in windows should be approved by the RC before posting.”


Duke reaches settlement with Medical Center professor in discrimination lawsuit

Manal Abdelmalek, a tenured professor of medicine and Duke Medical Center physician, filed suit in July 2019 after allegedly being “subjected to discrimination on the basis of her gender and race/national origin,” according to the complaint. The case was settled by Aug. 13, 2020, after a mediated settlement conference in early August, according to case documents. 


Duke's endowment dip comes amid volatile investment year, gains at other schools

Duke’s endowment took a hit this year even as other top universities saw gains. Unlike its similarly ranked private school counterparts, Duke’s endowment fell by nearly 1.2%—from $8.6 billion to $8.5 billion—despite a 0.7% investment return. Rachel Satterfield, Duke’s interim vice president for finance, explained that Duke’s endowment is calculated based on a number of factors.