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The collapse of time and domestic memory: Annie Ernaux’s “The Super 8 Years”

Ernaux commented, “Film truly captures life and people, even if film is silent.” This is the power of continuous images that blatantly present the unfiltered reality where decorum is barely utilized: Images become extremely impactful when one views them as a tool of reminiscence, and nothing is more brutally honest than the direct display of time through the lens.

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Documentary screening recounts 2015 Chapel Hill shooting of Muslim students, presents evidence for hate crime charges

“36 Seconds: Portrait of a Hate Crime,” a new documentary recounting the aftermath of the murders of three Muslim Americans in Chapel Hill, detailed the Muslim community's fight for its classification as a hate crime. The screening at Carolina Theater was followed by a panel of legal experts that discussed the shooter’s prosecution. 

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Jonathan Glazer’s ‘The Zone of Interest’: Understanding evil and representing suffering

The choice by Glazer to make a Holocaust film about the family of one its most infamous orchestrators, rather than its victims, is as much a recognition of his inability to engage with the realities of Auschwitz as the Höss’ escape into their garden and playground pool. “The Zone of Interest” offers itself as a parable of the faults that plague us — a film as much about today as 1943.