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South of the Border

(03/07/02 5:00am)

For this spring break, I told the travel agent I wanted to go "south of the border" - for sun, sangria, and a plethora of "Pedros" (if you know what I mean). She booked my request, I boarded the plane... and found myself, not in Cancun or Cabo, but in Dillon, South Carolina. An honest mistake, but it turns out "South of the Border" ended up being the crazy spring break all college coeds can hope for. I now understand why this little gem off I-95 is considered the greatest vacation destination on the East Coast--it was a non-stop party!

Broken Hearts Club

(02/14/02 5:00am)

Pop Quiz: Staci's a slutty-hot mid-20-something struggling to make it in Los Angeles. She's not the brightest in the bunch, but throw a semi-attractive male and some female competition in the fray, and her feistiness explodes on screen. She proceeds with some trash talk and inappropriate sexual innuendos. What popular TV show is she appearing on?

Evolution of the Oak Room

(01/24/02 5:00am)

Ah, the Oak Room. The name alone conjures images of slightly overpriced dishes of bowtie pasta in a bland cream sauce, our fellow students tripping over their server aprons, eternally fuming about getting stiffed on their last three tables. Ever "flagging," ever doing worse than the year before, ever in a state of promised renewal or near shut-down... and yet the Oak Room endures.

One in a Million

(08/31/01 4:00am)

Aplane crash in the Bahamas last Saturday night ended the life of 22-year-old singer and actress Aaliyah Haughton, one of the most innovative artists in today's hip-hop landscape. For the performer who initially proved that "age ain't nothin' but a number," it was an end that came just on the brink of Yberstardom.

5 to Forget

(04/20/01 4:00am)

It has taken all year, but I've finally come to terms with it: I suck as a college music critic. I'm not out discovering new indie bands, picking up CDs at Radio Free Records or attending shows at Cat's Cradle. I admit it-I'm a mainstream music junkie. I listen to G105 in the shower and review the artists that practically everyone has already heard about.

A Bevy Of Chevy

(04/20/01 4:00am)

Chevy Chase "won't even give Time magazine" half an hour, so we at Recess felt privileged to get 17 minutes with the guy. He's starred on everything from Caddyshack to Saturday Night Live, but now Chase is doing something different-playing jazz piano with the Duke Jazz Ensemble. The actor and comedian will be performing his debut concert this Monday in Page Auditorium. Associate Music Editor Beth Iams got the lucky 17 minutes.

Grammy Slam

(02/23/01 5:00am)

For the first time in years, the Grammys had a chance to reverse their inconsequential and hopelessly unhip pattern of recognizing expired radio trends and jumping on pop culture bandwagons. Forget the first two hours of the show, which were dominated by Bono's arrogant ramblings and the Destiny Children's midriffs. The big drama that could have vindicated this irrelevant studio-horse awards show was the battle over album of the year.