Our State Fair Is a Great State Fair...

At the first North Carolina State Fair in 1853, the entrance fee was $.25 and the City of Raleigh contributed a grand total of $25. Today, $.25 buys you 1/8 of a midway game and $25 will get you two turkey legs, a grape sno cone, a large order of ribbon fries and a deep fried Milky Way.

Welcome to the 2001 North Carolina State Fair, running through this Sunday at the state fairgrounds in Raleigh. With daily crowds averaging 50,000 people, over 270 games and rides and ubiquitous refreshment stops, it's easy to get lost. Not to mention the abundance of frenzied farm animals.

But don't let the baby llamas or 1,300 pound pig scare you away--the State Fair has truckloads of crazy things to do. Seriously. The smorgasbord of activities proves to be a little overwhelming. But never fear--Recess is here!

Cary Hughes and Beth Iams, two daring Recess editors, ventured through the ruckus in Raleigh to help you navigate through the mass of stimuli that is the State Fair. It's fun, it's a change of pace and it's six bucks at the door--just bring this guide with you as the Blue Devil's map to the excitement beyond the Gothic Wonderland.


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