Three White Rappers...and a Dwarf?

Misogynistic lyrics, masterful hip-hop mixing-and a midget. It's all here on the Smut Peddlers' debut CD, Porn Again.

Porn Again marks the reincarnation of Philadelphia hip-hop duo The High and Mighty, rapper Mr. Eon and DJ Mighty Mi. The group's acclaimed 1999 debut, Home Field Advantage, included cameos from Eminem, Mos Def, Kool Keith and others. After touring the past two years with Eminem and Run-DMC, The High and Mighty have now formed the Smut Peddlers, a pop-culture commentary on all things smutty-think Jerry Springer meets Internet kiddie porn.

And yes, the group indulges itself, rapping on everything from politicians in limousines sniffing coke to "double D's trapped in baby tees." It's not the hip-hop you'd want your eight-year-old sister to listen to, but it's pretty damn clever. DJ Mighty Mi is skilled in mixing vocal samples with compelling beats, especially on "Beats, Boxes and Boobtube," which combines beatboxing with the rhythm of scenes from COPS and "Skin"-emax.

Joining Mr. Eon and DJ Mighty Mi is the young rapper Cage. Institutionalized as a teenager, Cage (and his A Clockwork Orange-inspired alter ego, Alex) unleashes his rapping ability and continues his ongoing lyrical battle with Eminem. Beetlejuice, the midget from the Howard Stern show, serves as an honorary member of the group-adding, of course to the overall smuttiness.

This would probably be the most disgusting hip-hop CD ever if it weren't so ridiculously effective. Smut Peddlers are true to their name, and they peddle well, with clever lyrics, skilled delivery and slick production. The group's trademark seems to be offensive yet humorous social commentary references-similes that shock as well as make you smile.

These bizarre one-liners are intelligent, although completely twisted. Match them up for yourself and squirm:


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