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Commentary: Dating after Duke

(04/16/04 4:00am)

If you were only to meet the girls Hank had dated/hooked-up with without meeting Hank, you would expect him to be a four-star stud. In terms of both quality and quantity, Hank did better than almost any guy on campus, without ever selling his soul by taking the loathed title of boyfriend. Based on his all-star list of girls, you would expect him to have rippling muscles, a Crest White Strip-smile and perhaps a retired Duke basketball jersey.

Commentary: No Trespassing

(03/19/04 5:00am)

Eleven girls sat in a hotel room playing drinking games (because hotel rooms are both cheaper than bars and void of shady guys who think Duke is a community college). Despite the fact it was 8 p.m., the gaggle of girls already had exhausted the host of usual drinking games and eight handles. Never-have-I-ever had degenerated into "never have I ever been bored with this game but still played it because I want to get drunk," and at that point no one was coordinated enough to play shoulders without putting someone's eye out (or at least smudging their mascara).

'Sex' says farewell

(02/19/04 5:00am)

Retailers are now offering tank tops that read: "I'm a Charlotte" [read: You have three months to propose]; "I'm a Samantha" [read: Buy me a drink]; "I'm a Miranda" [read: Run]; and "I'm a Carrie" [read: You want me to be your new best friend]. What a merchandising idea! Every girl could buy one, two, three, or--let's be honest--all four. After six seasons with these characters, they are not only our best friends; they are us.

Taking lingerie out of the bedroom

(02/13/04 5:00am)

Once saved exclusively for pajama-themed parties and late night in the boudoir, wearing lingerie publicly is now more fashionable than taboo. From Carrie Bradshaw embracing the visual bra strap to the spotlighting of lingerie in this spring's runway shows, satin and lace perhaps has indeed trumped pearls as the evening apparel choice of the savvy woman. But before you roll out of bed and straight onto the dance floor, read Recess' guide to the public debut of your privates.