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Sex and the City: Top Ten Episodes of All Time

  1. Season 2, episode 15: "Are all mean freaks?" this episode asks. (Yes, but apparently women are too.) Charlotte enjoys her very special freak, Mr. Pussy.

  2. Season 3, episode 32: Carrie dates a guy who wants to PEE on her. Here we realize officially that this show is going to be fun.

  3. Season 1, episode 9: Who needs a man when you have a vibrator? Not Charlotte when she meets the Rabbit--at least not in this episode.

  4. Season 4, episode 52: Samantha embarks on a lesbian relationship, and hilarity ensues.

  5. Season 4, episode 60: Aidan proposes to Carrie. Can she say yes? No, the ring is hideous. But after a little ring-swap-a-roo, Carrie, wearing enough clothes to cover a normal-sized person's arm, says yes to the sweetest proposal ever.

  6. Season 6, episode 88: Die-hard single Miranda surprises us all with happy news of her proposal, while Samantha sobers us with news of her breast cancer, reminding us that there is more to life--even to Samantha--than escapades.

  7. Season 5, episode 67: The women are all single, kicking off a short season about aging and other things to crave besides sex. Carrie's answer: the City, her new boyfriend. A girl-power episode if there ever was one; not even seamen can stop them.

  8. Season 3, episode 42: Charlotte becomes the first of the group to tie the knot (for the first time, at least) in a perfect wedding that leads to an imperfect marriage. Meanwhile, Carrie confesses her infidelity to Aidan, who leaves her at Charlotte's altar.

  9. Season 4, episode 63: Carrie wears the most wonderful dress of the entire show this episode. The dress is white and bridal (minus the cleavage), but Carrie and Aidan finally realize Carrie cannot marry him. The most poignant moment of the entire show comes when Carrie curls up with the man to whom she cannot commit.

  10. Season 6, episode 94: Okay, so this is a bit presumptuous. But Carrie is sure to get both the Sex (Big, her love since episode one) and the City (a return to New York and her other three loves) in this week's finale. The clothes promise to be breath-taking and the tears promise to be Big.


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