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Trends: An ode to uggs

Once as uniquely Californian as electing the Terminator, Ugg boots have gained the universal popularity of yoga. The cold-weather accessory is now as integral to tailgates as Busch Light and even enjoys a cult-following on the pages of the hottest fashion magazines (they're in Recess, after all).

The key to these sueded-sheep-skin-outside-wool-inside boots is their dichotomous offering of blissful comfort (no heels!) for the wearer and undeniable sex-appeal for the viewer. These boots are so hot--temperature and otherwise--they should come with a warning label. "There are f*k-me boots and then there are Eskimo f*k-me boots," one senior boy explained. "I'm picturing igloos and..." a closed-eyed football player added (oh dear).

Uggs must be worn with attitude and a Demi Moore-sized penchant for the spotlight. Other chic matches include short pleated skirts (Recess likes Abercrombie's) or tight jeans or cords tucked in. True Californians can also pull off the yoga pant pairing.

The boots run in the $100 to $200 range and can be purchased locally (go Durham!) at either Nordstroms or Soho Shoes. They come in a shorter variety best worn under pants, but Recess prefers the many mid-calf versions. Ugg's newest addition: pastel colors like baby blue and pink, on top of the traditional beige and tan. Bring on the snow!


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