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Selena Qian



Drawing in digital

I finally bought myself a drawing tablet this past week. I’ve started using a tablet at work — at the Duke Innovative Design Agency — but outside of that, I’ve been using a mouse or my trackpad to do digital art. That works pretty well for infographics, but it’s definitely difficult to replicate the same effects I would have on paper or canvas.


Sitting at the kids' table

During most major holidays, my family either hosts or attends a dinner party. The host family spends the afternoon creating a wide and varied dinner spread. Guests arrive around 5 p.m., each also bringing a dish or two with them. Once everyone arrives, we load up our plates and head to the tables. One table is reserved for the adults and one for the kids.


Major decisions

After returning home from my Duke Engage in Charlotte this summer, I spent a good chunk of my month before school thinking about school. Perhaps too much of that time. But this year is an important one. Sophomore year is major declaration year.

Sam Seaborn is arguably the most famous fictional Duke alumnus, graduating from Duke Law School before working under President Bartlet.

Who are Duke's most famous fictional alumni?

Duke’s alumni network is far-reaching, with hundreds of thousands of alumni in over 160 different countries. That network even extends to the fictional world, with characters in a variety of TV shows, as well as books, claiming Duke affiliations.

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