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Sarah Kwak



SOS for the CCI?

The Campus Culture Initiative has become a catchphrase of sorts lately-added as a vague explanation for anything and everything. Aside from a couple of letters to the community, little-to-no...


The Loyal Order of Alleva

In his almost nine years as Athletic Director, Joe Alleva has helped Duke reach new heights and presided over the lowest moment in his department's history. Through it all, he's been true blue to...


The Path of Least Resistance

Some helpful tips: 1. If you spend a few hours doing a little research and pick the right classes, you can save yourself 40 to 50 hours of work during the semester. 2. When looking at courses on...


The newest trend: Buy an NBA team

Brian Davis and Christian Laettner aren't the only Duke grads dabbling in the NBA franchise-buying business. In fact, they're not even the first to do it this year. Back in July, Aubrey McClendon,...


The Magic Man

For the past three and half years, the 58-year-old Donnelly has settled down in Durham, guarding the door at Charlie's and performing magic for its patrons on Wednesday nights. He hits the road to...


Win some, lose some

Playing in the World Series of Poker may be lucrative enough for some, but being sponsored at the event added a little cushion to Jason Strasser's bank account. Not that the senior needed it. Since...


Last Month

Overheard in Durham, LSU vs. Duke comparison and Speed Limit featuring the DSG Election

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