Last Month

Overheard in Durham

Girl: There's a bus on fire!

Boy: Yeah, the laxers did it.</B.

Girl: Really?!

Boy: No, you dumbass.

-Chapel Quad

Boy (as bus explodes in flames): Yeah, I'm transferring.

-Bus Stop

Professor 1: On campus? What, are you teaching?

Professor 2: Yeah, I'm running some errands. Then I'm gonna beat down on some students.

-Bryan Center

Frat Boy: Dude, it's so fratty to get kicked out of school. It's the ultimate of frattism.

-Keohane-Beanery Walkway

Girl: We considered putting sleeping pills in their drinks so they would miss a tent check.

-Main West Quad

Mother: Honey, what kind of pretzels do you want?

Pre-teen daughter: Ugh, no one cool eats.



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