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Neal SenGupta



Our Gothic wonderland

It is important to reflect on the Duke lacrosse scandal—it was one of the darkest yet most important chapters of our family’s history, and one that led to intense introspection. It truly seemed like it was the world versus Duke, and now it is clear that Duke persevered. While far from perfect, the Duke family became stronger from the challenge. I hope we strive to be even better. Let’s make our Gothic Wonderland proud.


Spinach ditched after E. coli scare

For the time being-like much of the country-Duke will be spinach-less. As a result of nearly 100 E. coli-related hospitalizations in 26 states, the Food and Drug Administration has recommended...


Duke still step below top schools

Are Duke's undergraduates as good as Harvard students and the rest of the Ivy League-ers? Yes and no, according to academic indicators such as SAT scores, popular college rankings, numbers of...


4 vie for each of 2 VP positions

Maintaining positive relations with the community is a priority for the University and for Duke Student Government. This year, juniors Daniel Bowes and Jason Gross and freshmen Jordan Giordano...

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