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Professor Khalsa shows off her dance expertise, which she uses to mentor Duke students.

Moonlighting the arts

“There’s no better job for an artist. If you’re an artist and you get a teaching job at a wonderful university where the students are incredibly bright and motivated, there is no better job.”


Watch List: Get locked in Perkins

The Perkins Library bell, which rings only on weekends to indicate to students that it will close at midnight, sounds more like a fire alarm than it does a melodic goodbye.


Born to be Mild

Mopeds are well suited for thrifty students in need of transport around relatively quiet urban areas like Durham.


Your Blank Canvas

Now that tattoos are erasable, why are current clients more cautious with their body art than they were 20 years ago?


Watch List: Visit the Marine Lab

Since 1938, the Marine Lab has drawn adventurous students to Beaufort, N.C. But once there, it takes a little exploring—and a boat—to find the most interesting spot near the Marine Lab: Shackleford...


History of the Duke Lemur Center

Home to the most diverse collection of lemurs outside of Madagascar, the Duke Lemur Center has evolved from a somewhat unplanned lemur colony to a world-class noninvasive research center.


Backcourt Brotherhood

Trading in their jerseys for a clipboard, former Duke guards are leaving their marks on sidelines throughout the college basketball world.


Watch List: Climb towers

From the Duke Chapel climb to illicit scaling of other buildings across campus, Duke students consider climbing structures to be an unofficial graduation requirement.