Watch List: Eat everywhere on campus

There are 39 eateries scattered about Duke's main campus, graduate schools and the Duke University Medical Center. But how many students take their food points to the lesser-known areas of campus?

As a vegetarian, I found many of the dishes on main campus to be repetitive, so I have made a constant effort to eat at every restaurant at Duke.
Ranging from McDonald's to the classy Fairview Dining Room at the Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club, there is food for any situation or appetite.

Nosh @ Joe Rae Cafe on the medical campus is my go-to for a quick breakfast, while Divinity Cafe and Saladelia @ Sanford offer the most diverse vegetarian lunch options, like Thai peanut sauce with tofu or the vegan platter.

For take-out or eating in, my favorite on-campus dinner spot is the Food Factory at Devil's Bistro, which is one of few places on campus that serves alcohol to the 21-plus crowd.

To fulfill my caffeine addiction, I head over to the free-coffee station in Gross Hall or trek through Duke University Medical Center's labyrinth to find Starbucks. When I'm in the mood for a pasty to accompany my steamy chai latte, I seek out Twinnie's.

But my all-time favorite campus eatery is the Bull Durham Bar at the Washington Duke Inn. Friendlier to the college-student budget, it offers delicious fare perfect for classy dates or parents coming to town.


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