‘Survivor’ Season 41 debut: Too new or a rejuvenated classic?

Entertainment Weekly calls it “the granddaddy of reality TV.” My family calls it “the only show we can all agree to watch together.” Regardless of what you call it, “Survivor” is back, and Wednesday nights are normal again after sixteen long months. And as for the show being “back and better than ever,” I cannot bring myself to admit that just yet.

Rolling Stone Ranking

Lessons about art from Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time

Perhaps the only list where Robyn’s “Dancing on my Own” and John Lennon’s “Imagine” will ever be ranked side by side, specifically at number 20 and number 19, it includes a variety of genres and representation from every decade since the 1930s. While many of the songs are instantly recognizable, whether they be pop favorites or timeless ballads, it wouldn’t be the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” without controversy and the plague of rockism. 

Pauli Murray

Q&A: Pauli Murray Center on new documentary "My Name is Pauli Murray"

Social activist, priest and attorney Pauli Murray has had a radical impact on modern notions of equality and social justice. Despite this, Durham native Murray is not the household name that Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks may be. But, the Pauli Murray Center and the new documentary, told in Murray’s own words, are trying to change that. 

Sex Education

I overanalyzed 'Sex Education' so you don't have to

The third season of Netflix’s “Sex Education” opens in a way you’d expect from the title: a lot of people having sex. This rather graphic opener sets the tone for a season about sex positivity with some characteristically raunchy humor that leaves audiences pleasantly surprised by the tumultuous season to come.


A love letter to the sun

I’m grateful for many things: my wonderful friends, the promise of a beautiful autumn and the $5 Daily Devil Deal at Sazón. But, right now, I’m most grateful for sunlight.

Nasher Reopening

After more than a year, the Nasher is finally back

Before stepping into the Duke’s beloved Nasher Museum of Art, the top of the door displays an array of graphics and words welcoming visitors back along with new COVID-19 protocols. To the side of these directions, the graphic reads, “Art is waiting for you! We’re so glad you’re here.”


SHEIN is She-Out: It’s time to question our consumption

Tops from Forever 21, pants from Shein, dresses from H&M, skirts from Zara, jackets from Amazon, accessories from Uniqlo — at a university where 69% of students come from families at the top 20% of incomes and students claim to be environmentally conscious, why do cheap, unethically made clothing items have such a strong presence among our student body?