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Recess' Spring Concert Preview

Week of 3/27 Duran Duran 3/28 @ DPAC Growing up, my mom would always play Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf” in the car on our way to school, so naturally I assumed the band was old and no longer together.

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What to do at Duke on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day has the power to inspire a variety of emotions in people. For some it can be one of the most meaningful and romantic days of the year, while to others it’s simply another opportunity for the capitalist system to take people’s money.


Pinhook concert series to fundraise for venue survival

On Dec. 11, Durham staple and concert venue The Pinhook celebrated its seventh birthday, firmly rooting the bar and entertainment space as a cherished spot in the community. But the milestone masked a sadder truth: the bar’s owner, Kym Register, had just recently learned that she owed over $80,000 in taxes that her accountant and book-keeper had missed.