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"Cidade de Deus" is a beautiful, sprawling film — with a troubling legacy.

The complicated legacy of 'Cidade de Deus'

When it came time to write about “Cidade de Deus” for class, I wanted to focus on these powerful performances, the unique editing, the perfect score or the exciting camera work, but I couldn’t help but think about the film’s production, response and aftermath, all of which have complicated its legacy.  

"Bliss" tries to tell a compelling, confusing science-fiction story about simulated realities to baffling, ineffective results.

'Bliss' is a movie filled with anything but

Director Mike Cahill is known for ambiguous science fiction that probes thought-provoking questions from the audience, but this film fails to do anything new. Open-ended questions are plentiful in the science-fiction genre, but they need a purpose.