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An open letter to the Class of 2020

So while I could never pretend to understand exactly what it is like to be in your position—being afforded even less time to enjoy what was left of college before what was already sure to be a very bittersweet May afternoon—I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you that your friends aren’t going anywhere that you can’t follow them, virtually or physically.


In the face of a crisis, Forever Duke takes on new meaning

Our last class period, our last Old Duke, our last a cappella rehearsal, our last student performance, our last dreaded walk from Blue Zone, our last LDOC, our last glance at the iconic Chapel, our last… All these final moments have already happened, and I can only look back wishing that I had soaked in each one just a little bit more. 


In defense of medicare for all who want it

A public option would address both of the most crucial challenges in health policy today: guaranteeing that everyone is insured and working within the market to compel private insurance companies to cut costs and improve care, all while not forcing anyone against their will to give up their current health insurance.